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Five Ways To Be More Intelligent

Your body is your brain and it's got five intelligences.

You may have already heard of IQ/EQ/SQ/PQ and possibly a slew of other quotients categorized in psychology to describe one’s capacities but when you boil it down to the neuroscience of how we learn and develop, our intelligence is embodied. We pick up information via different receptors distributed throughout our whole body that get sifted through our brains for interpretation.

Imagine you have five antennae sticking out of your head for a moment:

One is Cognitive: picking up thoughts, narratives, perspectives, language, metaphor, beliefs; all the things that make up the story and sense of who we are: that antennae tends to get preferential treatment in our very cerebral information and results based society.

Another is Emotion: all the dozens of emotions that come in and out of your feeling self on a day to day basis, either triggered or remembered trust, fear, surprise, disgust, anger, anticipation, sadness, joy. These we like to bury because we don’t make time to make sense of them.

A third antennae is Exteroception: you know these as your five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. That antennae was really long when you were a baby, feeling through the world as you grasped a sense of self and other.

The fourth: Interoception: information going on internally from our autopilot functions like digestion. Feeling through aspects like temperature, pressure, movement, breath, energy. These are more subtle and we often need quiet space or nature to really connect with this underlying intelligence.

And finally, Proprioception: your understanding of body in space, via posture, gesture, structure, movement.

Getting attuned to the maximum amount of information available can support big picture thinking, creativity, decision-making, better resilience, stronger empathy, deeper wisdom and more powerful leadership.

How might we design for a way to lengthen all five antennae in organizations?

"Your Body is Your Brain." - Amanda Blake


(highly recommend her course Body=Brain where I learned all these cool things)

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