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I THNK therefore I AM.

Participant of the THNK School of Creative Leadership Amsterdam

Attending the school of the future.
Last September 2014, I enrolled into Class 6 of THNK.  Though I had visited dear Class 1 friends, Mihela Hladin and Liu Yan, back when they started these global tribes of world thinkers, shakers and changers, I had no idea the ride I was going to be on.  A year into the program, working through an Accelerator project (Thrive) and knowing in my bones how much of a work-in-progress and experiment life is, I'm happily diverging/converging into new territories with the support of my fellow THNKers and gladly drinking the kook-aid of innovation method living (in fact, I'm mixing up my own brew).  It's been a fabulous experience and I feel fortunate to have an extended family around the globe of bright stars who are shining examples for others.  
Next up for me here:  co-creating and leading our own Module 5 (outside the official curriculum) this September 2015 and pitching Thrive through moments at the Acceleration Festival in our new THNK Home.
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