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Mindful Coaching Triads

Threesome coaching for personal growth through presence.

Vibrational Communication.
I know, I giggled too.  Especially on top of coaching "threesomes."  But this style of coaching completely shifted my approach to adult growth with the ability to be fully present to others through shared experience.  It also tapped into existing sensitivity and intuition skills to further deep listen without judgement and observe narratives in a new light.  My facilitator, Poncho Cottier, was remarkable; as were my teammates Tara and Marco.  Though pretty much strangers, we became good friends whom could show up at each other's doorstep any time, feel welcome and get to the gritty depths of life.   

TeamUp.Co is a "revolutionary and mindful coaching approach that enables you to create better relationships, enhance your career, and live a deeper, more meaningful life." This is what I got off their site and I have to say, it really helped me through a difficult time in life where I needed to further connect to how I made meaning of a situation.
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