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Strutting Your Dynamic Spirals

Harnessing the arm swing as a dynamic centering practice.

A great arm swing is often forgotten in our front-facing-forward-moving orientations. The swing of your arms is one of the key factors in not only mobilizing the arms and shoulders, but also strengthening the core support when we walk or run, reducing stress and tension throughout your entire spine.

If you’re stiff in the neck, shoulders or upper back, perhaps constricted in breathing and feeling tight in the muscles from the clavicles all the way up to your jaw, chances are, you’re not practicing your “spiral effect” — the swinging of the arms as you walk forward. Because goodness, that would mean needing to put down your phone or shoulder bag.

This is a whole system dynamic that actually helps propel you forward in a balanced way! Good shoulder mechanics, core stabilization and force distribution throughout your upper and lower body when you move, the propulsion of the arms enhance your momentum and utilize your muscles and joints most effectively and efficiently. Stiff front-facing movement only tightens things up and creates over-compensation; affecting tightness in your upper body, arms and muscles that assist in breathing easily. Tied to our devices, it’s more important than ever to practice arm swinging and full spiral dynamics of the might you enhance your personal pendulum today?

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