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The Art of Sensing

Building empathy and sensitivity as an innovator

What makes the innovation process so much more rich is the quality of "sensing" -- which comes with one's ability to be present, curious and open to possibility in a creative or change process.

Our overly busy world inclined towards action, measurables and results has dampened an innate ability to illicit our intuitive nature. One that requires a sensitivity and presence that allows our awareness to extend beyond what we believe we control and "business as usual."

This surrendering to the unknown, unexplored territories is a practice that I build into the innovation process through mind-body practices that heighten our sensory abilities and allow teams to collaborate and create on a new level. It is through this process that individuals and teams not only envision a new future, but embody one.

* Presencing Practices

* Somatic Exercises

* Embodied Role Modeling

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