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Weightless in 100

One hundred day personal transformation quest towards unburdened living.

Adding weight to feel light.

On my personal quest to live life in 100-day bursts and face new challenges, I eagerly took on the project of helping one of Shanghai's top fitness trainers (Thomas Fazio) build a tribe around his concept: Weightlessness. W (to make things easier) is an elite mind-body fitness system that helps people become strong to transcend mental and physical burdens that inhibit peak performance in life. Building a tribe of 6 people and supporting the group alongside Tom has been incredibly rewarding, and that doesn't even cover the training which is world class.

Tribe 1: July 29-November 5, 2015

Since the writing of this first blog, I've been through the training 5 other times and can highly recommend learning the practice at:


You could do almost anything with just five people. With only one person it is hard –but when you put that one person with four or five more, you have a force to contend with. All of a sudden you have enough momentum to make almost anything that’s immanent, or within reach, actually real.

– Peter Senge, Author of The Fifth Discipline, Business Strategist, Coach & Professor


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